Why do Only Women Whine?

Posted by Phoebe Bradford on 02/29/2012

It's easy to dismiss a political argument if you just call women "whiners!" Read more »

Tube Top Isn’t On Her Resume

Posted by Alex Gilliland on 02/28/2012

Name It. Change It. is especially disappointed in one St. Louis political blogger linking to this insanely sexist blog post. The obscure and amateurish blog makes light of Jackson County legislator Crystal Williams’ announcement that she is considering running for State Senate in Missouri.  Read more »

Even if it is Shiny, Wendy Long’s Purple Blouse Doesn’t Matter

Posted by Emily Honstein on 02/28/2012

Reid Pillifant of Capital New York decided to introduce U.S Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s GOP opponent Wendy Long not by touting her extensive constitutional law experience, her impressive education, or even the fact that she is a senior Romney campaign advisor. Nope, he decided to introduce her by telling us she was wearing a “shiny purple blouse." Read more »

Elizabeth Warren Is a “Pixy” Now?

Posted by Emily Honstein on 02/28/2012

Sandwiched in the beginning of an otherwise reasonable and informative article on Elizabeth Warren, a candidate for U.S. Senate, the Cape Cod Times felt the need to describe Warren as a “pixy-like Harvard law professor.” A pixy-like professor? Really? Read more »

How Many Times Has Elizabeth Warren Been Called Darling?

Posted by Leigh Ann Renzulli on 02/24/2012

Some reporters need to find a new word to use.  Read more »

The Grammar of Identity

Posted by Phoebe Bradford on 02/22/2012

Linda McMahon isn't just her husband's wife. Read more »

Naming It and Changing It in Action

Posted by Emily Honstein on 02/16/2012

We wanted to give a little love to the creators of the petition asking Howie Carr to apologize for his sexist language used in his recent article on Elizabeth Warren. Read more »

Elizabeth Warren: Just Another Granny Darlin’ to Boston Herald

Posted by Leigh Ann Renzulli on 02/03/2012

The Boston Herald finds more ways to hate on Elizabeth Warren because she's a woman. Read more »

When You See Sexism, Say Something

Posted by Alex Gilliland on 02/02/2012

When you see sexism, say something. That’s the message from one city councilwoman in Ohio, who is taking a page out of Leslie Knope’s playbook. Read more »