The Year in Political Media Sexism

Posted by Rachel Larris on 12/23/2011

“Bit of a heifer,” “Dumb twat,” “Great masturbation material.” These were just some of terms hurled at women politicians in 2011. Read more »

Compare and Contrast

Posted by support on 12/19/2011

Based on these two photos for stories about Massachusetts’s senatorial candidate Elizabeth Warren, can you tell which paper is rooting against her? Read more »

Washington Post on Nikki Haley: She Dresses Like a “Real Housewife”

Posted by support on 12/16/2011

The Washington Post describes a governor in terms of her appearance, questions her experience in ways often reserved for women, and congratulates her for refusal to acknowledge that sexist language is bad. What's wrong with this picture? Read more »

What Will It Take To Make A Woman President? How About Less Sexism?

Posted by Rachel Larris on 12/15/2011

Jane Fonda gives a shout out to the Name It. Change It. project. Read more »

An Exercise in Contradiction: Bachmann’s “Ladylike Toughness”

Posted by Megan Foster on 12/13/2011

Author Sarah Kaufman delivers a wide variety of sexist remarks in yesterday’s Washington Post profile of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Her main point? Bachmann’s views are unwavering and inflexible, which contradict her prim and proper outward appearance. Kaufman seems to say that if Bachmann dresses like a lady, she needs to act like one too—or risk driving away potential voters. Read more »

The Best of Intentions

Posted by Martha Fedorowicz on 12/13/2011

You know when somebody has good intentions but their message just comes out all wrong? That’s what happened recently in an article in the Canadian journal, The Globe and Mail, entitled “Confident Rookie MP one of a New Breed of Tory Women.” What’s so frustrating is that the article is meant to highlight and praise the outspokenness of several new women members of parliament like Michelle Rempel, yet only six short sentences in, the author uses sexist language to describe Rempel's appearance. Read more »

HuffPo Style Crosses the Line: Bachmann Isn’t “Barbie”

Posted by support on 12/07/2011

Huffington Post Style tells Michele Bachmann she's gain voters if she dropped her neckline.  Read more »

HuffPo Style Sexism, Take 182

Posted by support on 12/05/2011

Huffington Post Style continues to be amazed that Michele Bachmann wears makeup and Hillary Clinton wears clothes.  Read more »